What about the Dog?

My oldest daughter Alex found out this week that she was accepted into Texas A&M – whoop whoop, go Alex! Needless to say Paula and I are very proud of Alex and are excited about what her future holds. I am looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts as the big move out day draws closer. I am sure that I will have many emotions about my first born moving out of the house and taking on the world, but for now I have just one thought- what about the dog?

I guess about three years have gone by now since Alex convinced me that she should have “her own” dog. I say “her own” because the family already had two dogs. Paula had “her own” and Catherine had “her own”. Oh I got the usual reason on why she should have her own dog .  Along with those reasons I also received assurances that she would take full responsibility for the animal. She would bathe it on a regular basis, take it to the vet when needed, and take it outside to do its business. What a great deal. There was nothing at all for me to be responsible for or to be concerned about. I have to admit that for the most part Alex has held up her end of the bargain. She is a very responsible pet owner. My question is, now what? Now that Alex is moving to College Station what happens to the dog?

I asked Alex if the she is allowed to have a dog in the dorm. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “uh, no”. “Hmm” I said. ” What are we going to do about your dog?” She told me that obviously the dog would continue to live its life of luxury in my house. But what about our arrangement? What about all those care taking commitments that Alex has been working so hard to keep? More importantly what about the emotional attachment and the moral commitment of life long guardianship that comes with owning a domesticated animal? Geez, I must have been wearing fogged up glasses when allowing her to have her “own dog”. How could I not have seen this day coming?

The truth is I did see this day coming, I just didn’t want to admit that the day would get here so fast. Well it did, and in a few months I will have one empty bedroom and a dog in need of more attention. I am sure the dog will miss Alex, and Alex will miss the dog. At least I will have a little something to make missing Alex a bit more  tolerable.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. College Station is only two hours away, but come on. It’s my baby girl! Want to hear something really scary? Catherine is up next and she has a dog and a hamster!

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